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bloodsuckingmonster's News

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - March 22nd, 2012

I'm still alive... ;)


Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - June 18th, 2011

Going to Berlin, in Germany, with my dad and going to see the sights, like bunkers and stuff like that, can't wait to see a work camp, I've been told it feels creepy and sometimes it feels like people are watching you but when you turn around, there's nothing there.

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - December 16th, 2010

And I'm a really bad lier, she moved and hopefully I'll never see her again.

Computer died, got a new one, this one is crap.

I'm into ZaDr, don't look it up as I don't want your eyes to burst into flames.

Lost most of my pictures when computer crashed, but that's okay.

For those of you twisted enough to wanna look at ZaDr, here's my fav.
ZaDr voodoo 1
ZaDr voodoo2
ZaDr voodoo3
ZaDr voodoo4

Angel is dead

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - November 1st, 2010

I can't help but HATE aus for the lack of trick o treat!
true, I don't mind it to much here, other than I speak VERY differently, being homeschooled at one point gave me a high respect for english, and I don't mean swearing, in fact, I only swear to express anger, unlike one of my friends who swears if she's cold, happy, sad, angry and hyper.
she just really likes saying f*ck...

anyway, I had a wonderful hallween, my family and myself took a trip into town and enjoyed the fair, I smacked into a mirror in the maze, which earned me a round of laughter from onlookers, I was laughing too hard to care.

and there's my weekend, hope you liked hearing about my nothings and nobodies.
I'm tired and I wish you a good night and many wonderful nightmares!

Happy Halloween darling

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - September 23rd, 2010

ummmmm, Gothic Girl BJ's birthday was on the fifth of this month, guess I'm just really scatter-brained and forgot, only thing I remembered was it was in the same month as Madness....
hope she won't be all pissed with me and scratch my eyes out....

I now have a rather dangerous object hanging from my ceiling, a heavy ornament made from broken glass and mirrors, if it falls on someone it would cut them VERY badly, probably causing them bleed to death.

back to BJ...
by all counts, BJ looks a lot like this, only younger and with blond hair.

Happy really late birthday

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - September 11th, 2010

we worried for the longest time, were we in danger?
I was only little, my mum told me to hide under my desk in school if I heard planes, I didn't hear planes.

people will never forget the fear that overwhelmed us on that day.

I'll try not to blame, but it gets harder every time I watch the news or hear the stories.
how can we feel safe when people blow themselves up without a good reason?

I guess we'll never understand their reasons, but if they were to read this they'd realise all they spread is hate, hate for them. and then they will cry that we are being judgemental, can we help it if we don't like the idea of meeting death before our time?

I try not to hate them but they just make it to damn easy.

September 11

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - September 8th, 2010

a long time ago, I asked my mother a simple question and she gave me a simple answer.
I asked her what this strange thing was, it sits under your nose and above your top lip.
she said it is god's finger print, and that was that.
I was very confused, if I looked close would I see this magical 'finger print'?
so I looked, and looked, and looked again.
yes, it was the right shape, yes, it was the right size.
but where, pray tell, is the print?
so I looked to science for the answer, and I found one.
the 'finger print' is the place where your skin joins together while you're still in the whom, this turned my world upside down, my mother had lied to me, then I found out, my mother didn't know everything in the world, this shook my life a lot, but then I thought, I don't know everything, why should my mother have the honor of knowing every secret?

now, on to other news, things are changing and I'm unnerved by the thought of change, ever had that feeling?


confusion has a name, I just don't know it yet

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - August 31st, 2010

I'm watching a movie, wishing something better was on and hoping my ART teacher isn't sick tomorrow. also, Twilight is getting old, like the joke I'm going motorcycling or some rubbish like that. I've got work on Sunday so I'm busy all week getting ready, also, Halloween is coming, planning has started and I'm ready, costume, candy, arts and crafts and the ever present joy from horror movies!

ALSO! my art is getting better and I found a scanner, true it's at school, but as long as I can save it to my USB I'm happy!

also, newgrounds is banned in my school, my school is too old fashioned, game sites with ANY blood or shooting are banned, stupid, all the boys play them all the time...

enjoy a beer for me, I can't have one this week.

bored, PS I REALLY hate school

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - August 21st, 2010

I have a cold, or maybe the flu....or something, either way, it's driving me up the wall, I haven't felt this bad since I was ten and got scarlet fever.

and, of course, just like every other time, boring, recurring dreams about numbers, video game characters and a random place I made up when I was seven.

can't go outside, can't see friends, can't talk right, can't breath well....I hate being sick.

I just keep watching stuff on youtube, maybe that's making my dreams worse, I've gotta get a new book, one I haven't read before....

/* */

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being sick sucks

Posted by bloodsuckingmonster - August 14th, 2010

I'm pulling an all nighter because of a nasty person I call dad, who, of course, has stolen ALL my blankets, and it's freezing here, also, some bright spark out there turned my spell check off, now I'm really pissed because I can't say exactly what I wanna say!

also, a day spent stealing my mum's home brew for Ang, that creature is worse than ME!

weird dreams are driving me into a corner, freaky how I can almost see what's going to happen in a few days, in a twisted way...
for some strange reason I keep dreaming about rooms, small rooms, maybe I'm claustrophobic or something...

oh yeah, I'm sure I'm crazy by now, just you wait, as soon as I think I'm not crazy will the craziness truly start.

hey, looky, I got crazy pic!